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Birchrose Floral Caring Set

Birchrose + Co

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Birchrose + Co Cleansing Oil - 120ml

A beautifying blend of botanical infused carrier oils and restoring essential oils to cleanse + clarify. Formula provides nourishment & renewal, softens and brightens the skin.

Birchrose + Co Facial Serum - 30ml

A concentrated blend of penetrative botanical oils delivers high levels of nutrient rich unsaturated fatty acids, gamma linoleic acid, and Vitamin C to the skin.

An aromatic synergy of Rose Damascena Oil, supercharged Carrot Seed Oil, and highly vibrant Helichrysum Oil restore the skin’s balance and texture, revealing a more radiant complexion and natural glow. 

Formulated to reduce the visible signs of aging, the oils of Barbary Fig, Supercritical Rosehip Seed, Squalane, Pumpkin Seed, Baobab and Chia Seed pair together to nourish parched skin and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier from environmental elements. 


Birchrose + Co Cleansing Oil

Sweet Almond Oil*, Tamanu Oil, Castor Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Dried Calendula Petals*, Grapefruit Oil, Vetiver Oil, Neroli Oil, Rosewood Oil 

Birchrose + Co Facial Serum

Barbary Fig Oil*, Baobob Oil*, Chia Seed Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Squalane Oil, Rosehip CO2*, Coenzyme Q10, Sea Buckthorn CO2*, Evening Primrose, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Rose Damascena Absolute, Helichrysum Oil

*Certified Organic

How to Use 

1. Massage Birchrose + Co Cleansing Oil onto dry skin with fingertips for 60 seconds. Wet a cleansing cloth with warm/hot water and hold it on your face until it cools. Repeat this 2-3 times. Take your cleansing cloth, rinse with hot water, wring it out and using the other side, gently wipe off the oil. Use as a daily cleanser and makeup remover.

2.Apply 2-4 drops of Birchrose + Co Facial Serum onto fingers, press and pat over cleansed face, neck, and décolletage in an upward motion. For best results apply after toner while skin is hydrated. 

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